Conference “Public spaces in late Ottoman cities” Sociability, dissent, modernity (Istanbul, Cairo, Damascus)

May 19th 2016  from 10am to 12 pm

Conference par Shirine Hamadeh
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Art History
Rice University

The development of public spaces in Ottoman cities of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was inextricably connected to the social transformations that marked the history of these cities. Observers invariably recognized these connections and associated, often disapprovingly, the emergence of new spaces of sociability to new habits of consumption and recreation, the formation of new social classes, or the increasing popularization of politics, depending on the time, place and circumstance.
This presentation will focus on two themes most often addressed in accounts of coffeehouses, taverns, bathhouses, public parks and urban squares in this period: Sociability and dissent. Examples will be drawn from the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Salonika, Aleppo, Damascus and Cairo.

affiche Shirine Hamadeh